Alexander Ulanovsky
UI/UX/IA/IxD Designer
Moscow, Russia
Consulting, UX and optimization addict, grammar (currently Russian) maniac, user convenience evangelist.

Conjunction with great amount of professionally used software (Sketch, Zeplin, Principle, Framer, Adobe family, own mind and logic) reinforced with geek like tho' helps me to solve any tasks rapidly.
Employment history
Senior Web Designer at "EKF" Group, Moscow
March 2018  –  Present
Full-stack design solutions, web, UX, graphics, etc.
Self-employed UX/UI/Web Designer, Moscow
May 2017  –  Present
Different local projects.
Graphics Editor at "Ridus" LLC, Moscow
May 2017  –  October 2017
Search, editing photos for articles; image manipulation.
Product Designer at "TVzavr" LLC, Moscow
March 2017  –  May 2017
  • Understanding users' and vendor's main goals;
  • Customer research, parsing analytics & metrics data;
  • Competitors analysis;
  • Heuristic analysis, component inspection and UX checkpoints validation;
  • Investigating core interaction / experience problems;
  • User Flow Maps, Red Routes, User Personas and scenarios;
  • Brainstorm → sketch → wireframe → design → ...iterations → testing → dev-ready product.
  • Communications related bith to designers / managers and developers;
  • Building and managing main guidelines (UX and brand);
  • Learning new bleeding-edge techs and tools whilst drawing pixel-dazzling UI-elements gently or coding some Skyne... interactive FramerJS prototypes.
Senior User Experience Designer at "Wildberries" LLC, Moscow
March 2016  –  January 2017
  • Mobile site UI/UX total redesign, screens, layouts, IxD prototyping, collaboration with frontend/dev teams in order to control every product realizing step.
  • Technology implementation of new team coop instruments and optimizing the actual ones. Use-case research and analysis.
  • Elaborating iOS app concept, also screens, prototypes and so on. Bilateral communication with dev team, proposals of optimizing user experience and behavioral patterns respectively to HIGs.
Senior User Interface Designer at "Combats", Moscow
April 2015  –  February 2016
Full game portal UI redesign and adapting to current realities of almost first Russian BMMORPG.
Web/UI Designer at "Snegoff" LLC, Moscow
March 2015  –  April 2015
Icons design, guidelines development and preparation, web design.
Graphic & Web Designer at "100 Media" LLC, Moscow
December 2014  –  March 2015
Graphic and web design, LP, banners, Flash, Email subscriptions developing, outdoor advertising. Retouch, collages, photo editing.
Senior Web Designer at "Mokselle" LLC, Moscow
July 2014  –  December 2014
  • LP's, marketing kits design, communication with digital and marketing agencies, illustrations, retouch.
  • Additionally off-hour LAN organization, configuring NAS, AD on Samba 4 / Debian in mixed local network.
Graphic & Web Designer at "SUPERMARKET" Marketing Agency, Moscow
November 2012  –  May 2014
  • Polygraphic tasks such as printing page-proofs, designing and proofing of technical drawings, specialized software consulting (Adobe, macOS), proofreading, Flash, web design preparation (grids, pixel perfect), site development specifications.
  • VPS/macOS/Debian administration, backups. LEMP-stack building on Debian-based VPS, Redmine deployment with frontend redesigning and configuring plugins environment, security consulting.
  • Corporate site frontend development (HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery) based on provided layout design, deploying on the above.
Graphic & Web Designer at "Adcomplete" LLC, Volgograd
February 2012  –  November 2012
  • Prototyping UI;
  • Web design for employer's own projects;
  • Illustrations
  • Logo design.
Senior Web Designer at "Master-Instrument" LLC, Volgograd
October 2008  –  February 2012
  • Corporate and intranet websites design, UI, icons, Flash, illustrations.
  • A little bit frontend development, use-case research.
  • macOS integration technical consulting in Windows-based AD environment.
Graphic & Web Designer at "Interservice" Information Agency, Volgograd
October 2007  –  October 2008
  • Printing and publishing design;
  • Web/ UI design.
Digital Graphic Designer at "Ultramarine" Advertising Agency, Volgograd
July 2007  –  October 2007
Print and publishing design.
Print Graphic Designer at "Knaub" Publishing House, Volgograd
June 2007  –  October 2007
POS, leaflets, business cards, books page-proofing, preparing for print.
Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd
September 2009  –  May 2010

Quantum Physics & Optical Electronics.

Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd
September 2005  –  May 2007

Automated Information-processing & Control Systems

Professional tests results
Eysenck's IQ test
Xenia P. from "Wildberries" LLC
Extra-curricular activities
Kyokushinkai Karate at "IKO — Russian National Karate Kyokushinkai Federation", "IKO — Rengokai", Volgograd/Moscow
2004  –  Present
  • Training;
  • Occasionally — judge team membership in tournaments;
  • Contributing to organisational needs.
Social Profiles
Adobe CC
• macOS/Linux DevOps
• Coding
• H+